Test your metabolic performance and limits with us in practice, at home or at the club

PNOĒ, “breathing” in Greek, is a Greek-American design that allows us to quickly and easily assess your metabolic fitness. PNOĒ measures and analyzes your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, muscular and neuromuscular functions as well as your fat-carbohydrate burn, all in real time. The data forms the perfect basis for every athlete, from beginner to pro.

The PNOĒ allows you to do a VO2max effort test in our practice in Zandhoven. We measure the maximum amount of oxygen your muscles can take during a workout. This is how we determine what type of athlete you are. We calculate your endurance point, the limit of your effort before a workout becomes harmful for your body. Do you prefer to do the test at home or at your club? Perform2Achieve comes to you with the mobile screening lab.

PNOĒ is the first affordable portable metabolic testing device of clinical quality. The PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System provides accurate measurements in just ten minutes. The app instantly uploads measurements to the cloud so you can track results immediately. It has never been easier to measure essential metabolic body functions. Furthermore, the PNOĒ- method takes a close look at your nutrition. This results in a tailor-made diet plan that works for your metabolism and adapts to your lifestyle.


Measure the performance of relevant tissues and organs during different exercise conditions

Increase the athlete's awareness of physical sensations and limiting factors

Perform VO2max and RMR test

Exact measurements

Portable, wireless and easy to use

Real-time connectivity


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