MX3 device – platinum package


De MX3 LAB, teststrips en app werken samen om een naadloze, on-the-go versie van laboratoriumtests en -resultaten te bieden. Test de hydratatie meerdere keren per dag of wanneer nodig, en volg veranderingen en resultaten in de loop van de tijd.

1000 teststrips gratis


The MX3 LAB, test strips and app work together to provide a seamless, on-the-go version of lab testing and results. Test for hydration multiple times a day or as needed, and track changes and results over time.

The Platinum Package, which includes five sets of the HTS Pro, is designed for groups and organizations with more than 60 athletes/members. With five systems – each staffed by a manager or trainer – more than 100 people can be measured within 15 minutes.

What’s included
5 MX3 Gears
5 Dispensers
600 + 1000 platinum test strips
5 Carrying Bags
5 MX3 Charging Cables
MX3 App
MX3 customized portal

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