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Perform2Achieve, a private limited liability company with its registered office at 2243 Zandhoven, Lindendreef 4, Belgium, known under the company number 0740.974.882, uses cookies when you visit our website.


A cookie is a simple small file that a website stores on your hard drive via the browser. Information is stored in a cookie. Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, some features and services, on our and other websites, may not function properly if cookies are disabled in your browser.

Which cookies do we use and why?

Perform2Achieve uses different types of cookies and each type of cookie pursues a different purpose:

  • Functional and analytical cookies to optimize and analyze your user experience

These cookies ensure that the website functions correctly and in a user-friendly way, for example by detecting possible problems on our website. In addition, we can also measure and analyze our website in order to be able to continue to improve our website in function of our visitors.

  • Social media cookies to support your connection with social media

These cookies provide certain social media functionalities on our website.

  • Advertising cookies to optimally personalize our display for you (if applicable)

On our website you will see content and advertisements from ourselves and from third parties. In order to keep this content and advertisements relevant and interesting for you, we can tailor them to your online surfing and search behavior via these advertising cookies.

  • Cookies from third parties (third party cookies)

It is also possible that, aside from Perform2Achieve, third parties place cookies to track your use, offer you personalized advertisements or simplify your connection with social networks. These types of cookies are made by the third party itself. Perform2Achieve therefore has no control over this.

How long are cookies stored and saved?

The period within which we have a cookie stored depends on the type of cookie. Some cookies are deleted when you close your browser, other cookies are retained so that they can be picked up at the next session or can continue to operate between sessions.

How can I disable cookies?

Perform2Achieve sees it as its legitimate interest to offer you a correctly designed website and wants to optimize your website experience. Therefore, you cannot disable functional and analytical cookies.

How can I delete cookies?

It is possible to delete cookies, but you can also disable them. How you do this exactly depends on the browser which you use in order to surf to our website. Perform2Achieve would like to point out that when you delete or disable cookies, your website experience can be affected and possibly reduced.

 A complaint or questions regarding our Cookie Policy or your personal data?

You may contact Perform2Achieve at the following address:

Other questions regarding your privacy?

We refer to our Privacy Policy:

Version of this Cookie Policy

This policy is dated 01 December 2020.

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