Icaros elevates corestability training to a full body workout with VR technology

Lie down like a delta wing pilot in the futuristic Icaros Pro, watch the breathtaking natural landscapes in your VR goggles, and use your core strength to navigate across both body axes and diagonally through the virtual target circles. You start with easy exercises, which get faster and harder as you progress.

An Icaros workout is 30% more efficient than a regular workout. Icaros’ equipment strengthens your entire body, including cognitive skills like your reaction and coordination abilities. Perfect for athletic training, strength training and rehabilitation training. Ideal for getting smart muscles and improving core stability, functionality and reactivity.

The Icaros Pro combines fitness with digital technology and takes your workout to a new level. Find your balance, train your core strength (corestability) and improve your endurance, not with boring “planks” or other ground exercises but with a motivating, contemporary workout that is suitable and safe for everyone.

In addition to the Icaros Pro, there is the Icaros Cloud, a large, inflatable disc on which you must maintain your balance. Also included with this rig is an exercise program to train your corestability and other fitness factors. The Icaros Cloud is a little less sophisticated than the Icaros Pro but also very effective and suitable for corestability training.


Light, modern materials of German top quality

User-friendly operation: "hop on - hop off"

Easy installation

Adjustable devices

Compatible with VR technology and smart devices


How does the workout go? Watch this video:

Try it yourself?

The Icaros Pro and the Icaros Cloud can be brought to a sports club or any other place where athletes train. You can also come to P2A at Zandhoven to train with the Icaros equipment. If you want to find out for yourself what Icaros can do for you or your team, contact us.

You can train at P2A in Zandhoven, including instructions, for 40 euros per hour. For 350 euros (plus a mileage allowance depending on distance), we come to you for an entire morning, afternoon or evening. We can train an entire team and have them practice with this groundbreaking technology.


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