Improve your athletic performance by hydrating and replenishing electrolytes in a timely manner

Hydration affects the functioning of your entire body. Proper fluid intake is essential to your physical and mental performance. If you’re not hydrating enough, you’ll dry out. You get headaches, you have less energy and you are at increased risk of injury.
Research shows that more than half of athletes are dehydrated before the start of a workout or game, but don’t realize it. Yet that problem can be solved simply and effectively. The MX3 LAB is a user-friendly, mobile device that measures an athlete’s water and electrolyte balance with a quick, simple and reliable saliva or sweat test. No more complicated, time-consuming or embarrassing urine or blood samples!
Salive test
The saliva test lets you know if you need to drink extra water. Tap the test strip on the athlete’s tongue and within 10 seconds you have the result (in milliosmol). For each test a new strip is used. Hygiene assured. All results of all athletes are stored in the user-friendly MX3 APP on your smartphone and in the web portal. The evolution of the athletes can be followed in clear graphs. Multiple test takers can use the device.
Sweat test
The sweat test indicates if it is time to replenish electrolytes. By monitoring your hydration and salts, you make faster athletic progress and build an edge over the competition. MX3 offers the power of a lab in the palm of your hand!


Suitable for teams and individual athletes

In the field, at home, at the club or on the road: always usable, anywhere

No power outlet or internet required

Measure, analyze, perform

Real-time information

Science-based results

As reliable as the laboratory test

Lactate, pH and ketone tests with the same MX3 LAB in the pipeline


Would you like to watch the training video and learn how to use the MX3 LAB? Then follow this link:


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