3D Body Scan


Musculoskeletal 3D body screening with artificial intelligence

HumanTrak is an innovative 3D body scan that functions markerless – so you don’t need to stick any spheres on the body – and generates an enormous amount of useful data. The system works with artificial intelligence and discovers the weak spots in your muscles and skeleton. This enables you as a professional or recreational athlete to tackle your points of improvement with very specific exercises. HumanTrak significantly improves your mobility, strength, stability and technique.

HumanTrak works with a sophisticated 3D camera. In front of that camera you perform a set of well-defined exercises. You’re done in just 20 minutes. The camera records all your movements. Then the video recordings are analyzed by AI software. After this accurate analysis, you get specific exercises to take home and work on them for nine weeks, targeting all your weak points. With a handy app you can keep track of your exercises and improvements.


Objective and accurate analysis


Real-time, comprehensive report

Validated technology

Injury prevention

Return to competition after injury


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