Icaros home


ICAROS Home – The new dimension of fitness for home use.
The new ICAROS Home is here – order now Premium Fitness in a trendsetting, light and compact design for your home!


ICAROS combines fitness and virtual reality to create exciting and effective training experiences. For you. At your home.
With ICAROS Home you fly and dive through virtual worlds, train with a virtual coach, or chase your high scores in various exergames!

Video: ICAROS Home

The variable planking position allows you to perform dynamic exercises for an efficient and versatile full-body workout.
You also train your balance and improve your coordinative and reactive skills.

The games developed for the ICAROS Home are compatible with the following VR systems:
Wireless systems: Pico G2 4K
Wired systems: HTC Vive Pro / Valve Index / Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest 1 / Oculus Quest 2

ICAROS Home is optimized for home use and can be set up almost anywhere.
The device is light, robust and has received several awards for its design.

ICAROS Multiplayer – the ultimate challenge
Through the online multiplayer platform www.icarace.com you can compete live with other ICAROS pilots worldwide. Create your personal profile, track your progress and secure your place in the rankings. Registration and participation are completely free.

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