The Idiag P100 is the world’s first all-in-one respiratory system trainer that offers individual respiratory muscle training in the form of strength, endurance and interval training.

Includes breathing balloon, air guide, hand strap, mouthpiece and nose clip


The Idiag P100 can be used to improve the function of the respiratory muscles through active breathing exercises. The Idiag P100 offers a wide range of respiratory muscle training modes and allows users to train their respiratory system as a whole. The combination of endurance, strength and a combination workout (interval) is unique among respiratory trainers and only possible thanks to the Idiag P100’s patented sensor-based technology. Refined and evaluation-oriented, the Idiag P100 is designed to achieve maximum improvements in your respiratory system. Download the Idiag P100 fact sheet.

Features of the IDIAG P100:

Multiple modes: free training, strength, endurance and interval training
Automated training of the respiratory muscles
Resistive breathing training
Breathing depth, breathing frequency, breathing resistance and force threshold can be set individually
Control and monitoring via flow, pressure and CO2 sensors
Performance tests to measure performance and training progress
Ergonomic design and user-friendly
Training instructions via touchscreen or optionally via the IDIAG P100 App



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