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The skin of the healthy body hardly shows asymmetries in temperature greater than 0.3°C. The skin at the level of one knee, for example, is normally hardly warmer or colder than that above the other knee. If a thermogram shows that there is a significant difference between mirrored body zones, this can be a sign or harbinger of a problem, such as an injury or an inflammatory process.

Infrared thermography or IRT is a fast, non-invasive and 100% safe technology, without any body contact. With an advanced infrared camera we record the skin temperature. We then objectify the thermogram with ThermoHuman’s software. It projects the thermographic images onto an avatar with defined body zones and checks them for relevant temperature differences between left and right.

Although IRT with the latest high-resolution cameras and intelligent software can be a useful method to identify underlying problems, Perform2Achieve leaves the diagnosis of any injury to the doctor of the athlete we are testing. Perform2Achieve informs the athlete about noticeable deviations in skin temperature and only uses IRT as a preventive tool or as an aid in the follow-up of a rehabilitation process. That this approach pays off is shown by the findings of professional sports teams that were able to significantly reduce the number of injuries in their team with the help of infrared thermography.


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Focus on asymmetry left and right

Analysis with objective software

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