Improve your visual-motor skills

A large part of athletic success is between the ears, more specifically in our control tower. Most athletes are barely aware of this, let alone that they train specifically for it. This is a missed opportunity. Did you know that 80% of the information an athlete receives is visual? That visual input is processed by the brain at lightning speed. The brain reacts and anticipates stimuli by controlling the body, movements and motor skills. The better your eyes, your brain and your motor skills work together, the better and faster you will kick, throw or hit that ball, and the better you will complete that one crucial movement.

With Cognivix, P2A offers a unique coordination training method based on artificial intelligence. In collaboration with leading high-tech companies, we have made the best use of scientific insights to develop a revolutionary tool.

P2A has several testing and training tools. For example, there is an adjustable “wall” of LED lights that you must touch as quickly as possible when they light up. Or how about the Strobe, a pair of blackout strobe glasses (developed by Synaptec) that only occasionally allow short flashes of your normal vision to pass through, so your brain learns to fill in the black holes faster and better. After a few sessions, if you sport again without the handicap of the Strobe, you will immediately notice the improvement in reaction speed, accuracy and peripheral vision.

With our tools you can test and train those skills that are most important to your sport or your team.


Response time

Peripheral vision and consciousness

Visual anticipation

Eye-hand coordination

Eye-foot coordination

Sustained visual attention


Want to see now what you may not see later? Then watch this short video:



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