The many possibilities of ForceFrame and ForceDecks

The ForceFrame is a portable testing device that you can place in 35 different positions to perform a variety of strength tests precisely and efficiently. With the ForceFrame you measure the isometric force (of a muscle contraction without movement) in the different muscle groups of your upper and lower body. The measuring units and pads can be adapted very precisely to the build and dimensions of your body. This makes the ForceFrame suitable for every body and every athlete! The measurement results are clearly visible in graphs, providing you with quick and accurate data. The ForceFrame system gives you an immediate and accurate analysis and measures the strength in various configurations of muscle groups:
  • Hip: adduction, abduction, flexion, extension, internal and external rotation
  • Knee: flexion and extension
  • Ankle: enversion and eversion
  • Neck: flexion, extension and lateral flexion
  • Shoulder: adduction, abduction, flexion, extension, internal and external rotation…
Using these data, the athlete or trainer can create an appropriate isometric exercise program. After some time you can measure again if you have gained strength or if certain asymmetries have been resolved.
ForceDecks are two innovative force plates for easy, accurate and fast dynamic measurements and analysis of the strength in your legs, your arms, your upper body, your shoulders and upper arms. You perform all kinds of exercises and movements on the force plates. Force Decks works with smart Artificial Intelligence software that directly measures, collects and displays your results. But ForceDecks goes one step further: the software summarizes the results in statistics, graphs, analyses and reports. Time-consuming and complex calculations are a thing of the past. ForceDecks does the difficult analysis work for you.


Perfectly assess the strength of your different muscle groups

Determining asymmetries

Knowing exactly what you can or need to train

Find out how far you stand in your recovery process


For a taste of ForceFrame and ForceDecks, watch this short video:

Advanced analytics


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