The all-in-one respiratory trainer for all ambitious athletes

When athletes train their diaphragm and intercostal muscles, it can produce significant performance gains. First, you undergo a breathing and exertion analysis, which is sure to yield trainable breathing aspects. Enter the Idiag P100, the world’s only breath training device for strength and endurance training as well as HIIT. The device regulates airflow in such a way that you won’t hyperventilate during exercise.

During a workout, sooner or later the breathing muscles begin to acidify. Your breathing becomes shallower and you start to pant. At that moment the metabolic reflex kicks in: extra blood flows to the respiratory muscles to counteract this acidification. As soon as the work of the respiratory muscles exceeds a certain threshold – which is already at about 50% of the maximum capacity! – the metaboreflex throws a spanner in the works and reduces the blood supply to other muscles.

With the right exercise technique, breathing muscles can be made stronger, on top of the training they get anyway during exercise. Recent studies have confirmed the ergogenic or performance enhancing effect of breathing training. It works on two fronts: the technique ensures that the breathing muscles become tougher (strength) and that they acidify less quickly during exertion (endurance). Apart from that, Respiratory Muscle Training also improves the motor skills and efficiency of the breathing muscles.

Training can be done at home, at the club, while traveling… anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to move around to give your breathing muscles more strength and endurance. The time investment is limited, also because you can mount the IDIAG P-100 with a sturdy clamp on a table edge or the handle of an exercise bike. So you can practice your RMT while watching TV or loosening up your leg muscles.


Four training modes: free training, strength training, endurance training and interval training

Automated resistance training of the respiratory muscles

Breathing depth, breathing frequency, breathing resistance and force threshold can be individually adjusted

Control and monitoring via flow, pressure and CO2 sensors

Accurate monitoring of performance and training progress

Ergonomic and user-friendly design

Training instructions via touchscreen or the IDIAG P-100 app


For a first impression of this device in practice, watch this video:

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